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I've been involved in DevTools dev for years, and I've both had and heard many good ideas to improve it.
It's always a special feeling seeing on of them finally take shape.

Latest one to date: detect CSS properties that don't have an effect on the current element.
Sneak peek:

My first tweet.

A sweet XSS in Google main page and almost every subdomain.


Google Assistant partout, même sur votre prise allume-cigare

Some Silicon Valley companies have offered to help with Notre Dame's restoration. @ericschmidt says "cathedrals that we love represent the shared history of humanity... I hope Silicon Valley, in 100 years, will have things of a similar nature. But there's nothing like Notre Dame"

Our thoughts and words of support to the people of France for such a devastating and historic loss of the iconic #NotreDame

As Notre Dame tragically burns, YouTube’s fake news algorithm fails by @technacity

Search Console is still recovering from the indexing issue we reported on last week. As a result, index coverage and enhancement reports were not updated recently & URL Inspector might not reflect live status, at the moment.

Google, Gmail, YouTube et les autres sont inaccessibles depuis les réseaux Orange #googledown

Les agendas Google Suite bientôt accessibles depuis Google Assistant. Et quid de Google Home ?

Pourquoi s'adresser aux opérateurs téléphoniques quand on peut demander à l'entreprise en situation de monopole ? #Sensorvault

Introducing two new features to the Activity dashboard in @googledocs, Sheets and Slides:

✓ Sharing history
✓ Comment trend

Learn more → #GoogleNext19

Now in @googlewmc Search Console, sites that get meaningful traffic from Google Discover can see stats and information about their visibility. Learn more here:

@RealSaavedra This story seems purposefully misleading. Google has never manipulated Google Search results to fit a particular political ideology. The story finds zero evidence to the contrary.

BREAKING: New documents show Google manually manipulates search results, which contradicts testimony Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave to Congress last year

Bonne lecture pour tous les SEO et les spécialistes de l'OSINT

Today at #GoogleNext19, we unveiled our vision for a more helpful Cloud. Anthos brings together the simplicity of open-source platforms, Google’s deep technical and security expertise, and the freedom to choose the right cloud partner for the job

Google home not disclosing when results are ads 😮