Le 1 avril 2007

Google va t-il annoncer GDrive ?

Google Platypus GDrive[Poisson d’Avril] La rumeur a commencé ce matin, alors que sur le blog officiel de Google est apparu pendant quelques minutes un billets intitulé « We Will Drive You Crazy » selon notre confrère Philipp de Blogoscoped. Google va t-il annoncer son fameux GDrive (nom de code Platypus) ?

Voici un extrait de ce qu’aurait relevé Tony Ruscoe dans le flux RSS :

Posted by Niniane Wang, Google Drive Team.

Here at Google, we’re always looking for new ways to improve technology. Sometimes, this means thinking a few steps ahead of what the competition has to offer at the time. When we released Gmail on April Fool’s day, 2004, some of you weren’t too sure whether to believe us or not: an email client that came with 1 GB of storage.

Today perhaps, you won’t believe us again. Instead of 1 GB, you’ll get 50 GB — of completely free storage. Google Drive is Google’s latest effort to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible to you — the user. Now you can store your vacation photos, your home videos, your text documents, ZIP and EXE files, and anything else really… and access your data from anywhere. And if you do believe us, please sign up for the private Beta invitation today and learn more about the system features in our tour.

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Nice one Philipp !

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