Le 22 mai 2006

En Iran, Google censuré ?

En Iran, Google possède bel et bien le nom de domaine google.ir d’après le WhoIs. Mais le site est inaccessible, de même que son concurrent Yahoo comme nous l’informe ce site.

Mais cela n’empêche pas Google d’avoir un portail en iranien et de courtiser ses internautes avec un logo pour le nouvel an persan il y a 2 mois :

Ce logo fait suite à une action citoyenne d’Iraniens :

“Google, as a premier media with customers of different cultures, can play a valuable role in promoting cultural awareness and tolerance across the globe.

One suggestion is to put a small logo with a link to some more information at the occasion of different new years from different traditions (as is currently done with Christmas and New Year at Gregorian calendar, when Santa joins Google logo).

For example Chinese new year, a few weeks ago, and Persian new year, less than a week ahead, are valuable opportunities to let the global message of Google be heard and appreciated everywhere: that Google cares about its audience and its customers regardless of their country of origin, their ethnic background, and their religious beliefs.

The number of these occasions is few, but the impact of such recognition on global image of Google is tremendous. The value of this initiative is further highlighted in the light of all tensions between the U.S. and the global community following the Iraq war.”

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