Le 10 mai 2006

Google Trends – Communiqué de Presse Officiel Google

Google Trends from Google Labs

Available today from Google Labs at www.google.com/trends, Google Trends builds on the Google Zeitgeist to help users find facts and trends related to Google usage around the world. Google Trends enables users to learn how popular a particular search term has been on Google over time and see the relevant news articles that ran on that subject.

« For the first time ever, Google is making it possible to sift through billions of search queries from around the world to see what people are thinking about, » said Marissa Mayer, vice president, Search Products and User Experience, Google Inc.

With Google Trends, users will be able to observe the collective interests of all Google users to gain general insight into topics such as people’s preferences on ice cream flavors, American Idol contestants, or the relative popularity of brands and politicians in specific countries.

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