Le 10 mars 2006

T’as pas 60$ à me filer ?

Je viens de recevoir ça :

Hello, I found your email on your website: www.zorgloob.com on the page: http://www.zorgloob.com with the title : Zorgloob – Tout savoir sur Google… ou presque !

I was searching on Goolge.com for the word : adsense and ended up on your website.
I have remarked that you are promoting Google Adsense Revenue program, and I think you may be intrested in optimising this already great opportunity.

If you are any interested, I can supply you with over 15,000 free of rights articles on 154 subjects, one web page per articles, all with your Google adsense on it.

If this offers interests you, go here for more details :[ http://jazzz.com/wp.html]


Allez voir l’url pour vous marrer, mais ne faites pas de liens vers ce genre de sites !

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